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Disney Lorcana Trading Cards

In recent years, several new trading card games (TCGs) have risen in popularity, most notably the new “Disney Lorcana” game. Disney Lorcana combines the enchantment of Disney with the strategic depth of a trading card game, offering a unique and enjoyable experience for collectors and players alike, so it is no surprise that they have become sought-after for collectors, Disney-enthusiasts and trading card game fans alike.

At Cullens of Surrey, we’re trading card experts, with years of experience dealing with those who are looking to buy and sell trading cards from popular brands such as Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic the Gathering and Disney Lorcana. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with us, getting accurate & fair valuations, as well as access to exciting online auctions from the comfort of your home.

Background Information: Disney Lorcana

Disney has been dominating cinemas since the 1930s, and in more recent times, streaming services have also been populated with vast amounts of Disney-led content. Therefore, it has been no surprise that the American media and entertainment conglomerate has moved towards a trading card game for its latest venture.

Disney Lorcana was created in 2023, and released by Ravensburger, making it their very first trading card game. Each card features a Disney character, from Mickey Mouse to Stitch, and players have the opportunity to “summon” these characters; known as “Glimmers”. Players take the role of “Illumineers”, wielding magic ink to summon each Glimmer. The series debuted with Disney Lorcana TCG: The First Chapter, where more than 200 original pieces of Disney art were featured, and in March 2024, Disney Lorcana TCG: Into the Inklands was released by popular demand.

High-Value Sales

Despite only being around since 2023, Disney Lorcana already has several cards worth over £2,000, due to their popularity as characters, their powerful-in-game attributes and even due to the fact they were released during a promotion event. These expensive cards feature characters such as Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Elsa and Mickey Mouse, all of whom are some of the most well-known Disney characters.

Perhaps the most expensive Lorcana card to date (as of May 2024) is the Enchanted alternate art card Elsa, Spirit of Winter. This card sold for a whopping $45,000 (£35,842) via eBay in November 2023. There are several reasons speculated as to why the card is so valuable, from its stunning design to the in-game benefits it brings the player who wields it. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across one, it may well increase in value as the TCG gains in popularity.

Elsa spirit of winter enchanted card
Elsa spirit of winter enchanted card
Mickey mouse brave little tailor card

Fun Fact

Many of the current rarest Lorcana cards originated from the Disney Expo 2023, often referred to as the “D23 Expo”. The event, held in Anaheim, USA, gave fans who attended exclusive access to rare cards before the game had even been released worldwide, such as the D23 Mickey Mouse Brave Little Tailor card, which often sells for upwards of £1,500.

PSA Grading

The PSA Grading System is used amongst collectors and valuers to determine the quality of trading cards and is essential for determining their value. The system follows a number of different scores, considering factors such as how sharp the corners are, the quality of the gloss surface, if there are any stains, and so on. These are the PSA scores for trading cards;

  • GEM-MT 10: Gem Mint

  • MINT 9: Mint
  • NM-MT 8: Near Mint-Mint
  • NM 7: Near Mint
  • EX-MT 6: Excellent-Mint
  • EX 5: Excellent
  • VG-EX 4: Very Good-Excellent
  • VG 3: Very Good
  • GOOD 2: Good
  • FR 1.5: Fair
  • PR 1: Poor

Fake Cards

Sadly, scammers are capable of making counterfeit Disney Lorcana cards, meaning people can fall into the trap of paying large fees for fake cards. Despite being a very new series, these fake cards are already doing the rounds. We offer a comprehensive appraisal service for trading cards, but it is also worth knowing the signs of a fake card yourself, so you can avoid ever acquiring one.

  • Avoiding sellers with either no or poor feedback on sites such as eBay is a good first step if you’re purchasing online.

  • Watch out for aged reprints, where cards are soaked in a liquid to give them a more vintage look; this is a common counterfeit action. This may start to apply to counterfeit Disney Lorcana cards in years to come since the series is still new.

  • Language errors and misspellings are another red flag for fake cards, as well as dodgy-looking borders around the card.

  • Use a torch to assess the quality of hologram cards, and look to see how thin the card seems; if light passes through easily, this is often a sign that it is fake.

Looking to Sell With Us?

If you have a collection of Disney Lorcana trading cards that you’re looking to sell, or any other trading cards, we offer various routes, such as at auction, direct purchasing or third-party sellers. You can read about each selling route in more detail on our dedicated “Selling At Auction” page.

Take Part in Our Exciting Online Auctions

At Cullens of Surrey, our online auctions often contain a range of trading cards, antique toys and other memorabilia to add to your collections. We always aim to make your auction experience an enjoyable one; explore our upcoming auctions, or get in touch with us if you have any lasting questions about how they work.