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House Contents Valuation for Probate

Our specialists provide probate contents valuations for inheritance tax purposes across London, Surrey, and surrounding areas.

We understand that for many people this is a first-time experience, and with the nature of the service, that you may have recently lost a loved one, friend or family member. This service can be an emotionally stressful time for all involved. That is why our team of specialists will support you every step of the way; give you independent and honest advice; provide easy to understand information on probate services; and help build trust in our service so we can take care of all matters in a respectful manner. That is our pledge.

What do we do?

Cullens of Surrey can provide a full independent Probate Contents Valuation and supply a Probate Report required for Inheritance Tax liability for HMRC.

Cullens can provide the following supplementary services:

  • Offset the cost of items from the estate against a probate contents clearance
  • Purchase items from the estate
  • Deliver items from the estate to a specialist auction or dealer on your behalf
  • If you require any supplementary services please let us know at any time before, during or after the probate contents valuation service

What are Contents Probate Valuations?

After a loved one, friend, or family member has passed away you may be in line for inheritance left in a will or by law.

One of the legal requirement of the inheritance process is to commission an independent probate valuation of the contents of an estate - such as art, antiques, and other personal effects - by executors and solicitors acting on behalf of a deceased estate. This is required to assess the inheritance tax liability with HMRC.

Report for Probate

In accordance Inheritance Tax Act 1984 you are required to complete form IHT407.

Our probate reports are HMRC compliant and structured for the IHT407 form. An electronic probate contents valuation report is included in all our probate contents valuation services, a hardcopy paper version of the report can be supplied at an additional charge.

Our probate contents valuation reports cover the following aspects:

  • Household Contents Valuation

  • Antiques and Fine Art
  • Jewellery, Collectables and Bullion
  • Classic Car Valuation (for vintage and classic cars)

Special Offer

If you purchase your probate contents valuation and probate clearance with Cullens of Surrey, you can save even more on your service. Contact our team to discuss our latest offers on combine probate services.

Probate Contents Valuation Pricing

Cullens are affordable probate valuation specialists, with clear upfront pricing and no hidden costs. The pricing level depends on the size of the estate.

1 Bedrooms

£195 + VAT
1 bedroom property including up to a 1 hour visit, desk research included, and includes an electronic probate contents valuation report.

2 Bedrooms

£250 + VAT
2 bedroom property including up to a 1 hour visit, desk research included, and includes an electronic probate contents valuation report.

3 Bedrooms

£295+ VAT
3 bedroom property including up to a 1.5 hours visit, desk research included, and includes an electronic probate contents valuation report.

4+ Bedrooms

£320+ VAT
4+ bedroom property including up to a 2 hour visit, desk research included, and includes an electronic probate contents valuation report.

Hardcopy Paper Report

£10 +VAT
Hardcopy paper probate contents valuation report delivered by 1st class post (price per copy).

Additional Visit Hours

£95 +VAT
Each additional visit hour is charged at a rate of £95+VAT.

Express Service

£45 +VAT
Express probate valuation within 3 working days. Standard probate valuation takes up to 10 working days.

Properties that have chattels known to be over the market value of £5000.00 plus (single items) please advise as this would affect the cost as we would instruct a RICS valuer.

The Probate Contents Valuations Process

As for most people, this will be a first-time experience. To make it as simple as possible we have outlined our process:
  • Contact us by phone, email or using the online contact form

  • Talk to our probate team about the details of the estate

  • Our team will provide a price for your probate valuation

  • Schedule a visit from our probate team

  • Please make all valuables and items to be included in the report available for our team before the visit

  • During the visit, we will work to identify the true market value of the chattel of the estate and take photographic/written evidence for desk research

  • After the visit, our probate team will compile the probate contents valuation report (electronic version is included in the original price while hardcopy paper versions will incur an additional charge)

  • Our probate team can send the probate contents valuation report to the solicitors or executors dealing with the estate

  • Our probate contents valuation reports are HMRC compliant and structured for form IHT407


Below are the frequently asked questions about probate contents valuations. If you have any further questions about probate valuations, probate contents valuations or probate chattel valuations, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. Where do you provide probate valuation services?

A. For probate valuations, we cover parts of London and Surrey.

Q. How do I value home contents for probate?

A. We recommend using professionals through the probate process. As part of the probate process, we provide probate contents valuations in London, Surrey and surrounding areas. The probate contents valuation consists of providing a report of the valued contents within an estate. Items only over a certain value need to be included in the probate reports and they include antiques, fine art, jewellery, collectables and vehicles.

Q. What probate valuation services do you provide?

A. We provide probate contents valuation and probate chattel valuation services. We do not currently provide probate property valuations, however, we recommend Hunters Estate Agents for probate property valuations.

Q. Is this the service I am searching for?

A. If you are searching for 'probate valuations London', 'house valuation for probate', 'probate valuation', 'valuations for probate', 'valuing home content', 'home contents valuation London', 'probate valuations surrey', 'probate valuation London', and require probate contents/chattel valuations, then Cullens can assist.

Q. What is the difference between probate contents valuation and probate chattel valuation services?

A. A probate chattel valuation is the official name for a probate contents valuation. They are the same service just using different words to describe the items within an estate.

Q. Do you do clearances as part of the probate process?

A. Yes, we also offer probate clearance services.


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