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Trading Card Auctions

Welcome to Cullens, where a treasure trove of trading card expertise awaits you.

Led by Derrick, our seasoned valuer with over a decade of passion and specialised knowledge in Pokemon TCG (English & Japanese), Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and newer Trading Card Games (TCG) like Bandai’s One Piece and Ravensburger’s Disney Lorcana Series, we assure you’ll be in capable hands.

At Cullens, our dedication to the intricate world of trading cards extends beyond valuation. We understand the sentiment attached to these collectables, whether they're a nostalgic representation of your childhood or a meticulously curated assortment. Derrick and our team not only possess extensive expertise but also share an unwavering enthusiasm for these cards.

At Cullens, we have sold several collectable cards with unwavering results for our vendors, such as a complete light played to near mint Pokémon Base set which included the fan favourite Charizard graded in a PSA 7 which had an estimate of £300-£500 and sold for £710 including premiums.

We also directly purchased a childhood collection which the owner only sought £70.00, they were incredibly happy when we checked over the cards to unearth a Holo Skyridge Gyarados and Crobat and offer £350.00 for the small collection.

We also specialise not in just vintage Wizard of The Coast era trading cards but also modern sets including sealed products such as sealed boosters packs & boxes. When you engage with us, rest assured that your collection will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our appraisal services are not just about assigning a value; they're about understanding the unique stories behind each card and recognising their significance to you.

In addition to our comprehensive appraisal services, we pride ourselves on offering versatile selling platforms tailored to suit your preferences. Whether you opt for our regular auctions, direct purchase, or seek assistance as a third-party seller, we ensure a seamless and transparent process every step of the way. Feel free to contact us today for a consultation.

Selling with us

If you are looking to sell with us, please click here for more information

Buying Directly with us

We also host an online shop where you can directly purchase our wonderful finds from us, payments are dealt with via eBay's secure payment system. Contact us today and let us assist you in the auctioning or direct purchase of these exceptional pieces.

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Feel free to contact us today for a consultation. Dial 02086695890 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to embark on this exciting journey with Cullens.

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