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Cullens of Surrey

About Us

Welcome to Cullens of Surrey, a haven where the art of selling intersects with a commitment to exceptional service. Our journey commenced in 2010, rooted in the vision of our founder, Derrick Hunt. With a fervent passion for establishing a genuine family-oriented business, Derrick sought to address the pressing issues of environmental consciousness, elevating service standards, and combating today’s disposable culture.

Beginning humbly, Derrick’s dream took shape through Cullens Clearances our ReUse, ReHome & ReLove clearance service guarantee, an initiative aimed at collecting unwanted items, not merely to declutter spaces but to breathe new life into neglected treasures. This endeavour swiftly evolved into a flourishing enterprise, championed by the Hunt family—Derrick, his parents, brother, and partner—all integral parts of the daily operations, nurturing the essence of a true family business.

The year 2015 marked the birth of Cullens of Surrey, emerging as a quaint shop in Caterham on the Hill. Here, we proudly showcased an eclectic array of rescued treasures, captivating the local community and beyond. Our dedication to salvaging and revitalising items even caught the attention of the widely acclaimed Quest TV’s Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunters in Season 11, Episode 10 “Clearances” on November 15, 2017, along with BBC’s Antiques Road Trip.

As our success soared, we outgrew our initial premises and, in 2018, transitioned to a spacious 5000sq ft warehouse in Mitcham. Embracing a fresh approach, we expanded our horizons by catering not just to local patrons but also growing our online shop platform.

Driven by our rapid growth and the desire for harmonious operations, we found our current home in Wallington—an erstwhile 1950s builders' yard—where Cullens Clearances and Cullens of Surrey harmoniously coexist.

In 2021, propelled by the goal of providing enhanced transparency and responsiveness to our private and commercial clientele, we inaugurated our very own auction house. Here, we continue our legacy with a motto: “ReHome & ReLove Auction.” This ethos underscores our dedication to professionalism, imbued with the warmth and familiarity of a family-centric service that has become our hallmark.

At Cullens of Surrey, our passion endures, as does our commitment to offering value, revitalizing treasures, and fostering a community centred around the shared love for unique, reimagined finds.

Thank you for being part of our journey—a journey of re-homing & re-loving.

Visit us, by appointment only, at Cullens of Surrey, Builders Yard, 365 Croydon Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7NY (down the alleyway next to Steptoes newsagents, second gate on right).

Appointments Only

  • Tuesday to Friday

    9am – 4pm

Book an appointment on 020 8669 5890.

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