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Inspecting old antique coins

The Best Antiques to Invest In

19 February 2024
It is no secret that the world of antiques can be an absolute goldmine, with rare finds leading the way to wealthy valuations. The UK's antique market is expanding; antique dealerships and art gall...
closeup old clock

Past Time Costs

25 July 2016
One of the most passed-down heirlooms is the watch. This is a fairly outdated concept in the world of mini computers in our pockets but many see a watch as a mark of distinction, distinguishing the...
mars space artwork

Astronomical Bidding War

11 July 2016
Astronomical was a cheap attempt at a Star Wars pun… you know, stars and some sort of economical type mash-up. Many writers have written about Star Wars in the past and all the best lines have been...
football being played close up

Pele Scores in Collectables Sale

02 July 2016
Collectables tend to call on the romance in our souls. There is little money to be made in almost all areas of collecting. There has to be something rare, something enviable, covetous, to bring peo...
antique drawers

It’s Got Good Age

15 June 2016
Antiques is one of the few areas where it is celebrated to be old. The older the better – the greater the age the more forgiving we become. You see pieces of furniture going up for sale and the ven...
vintage clothing collection

Saving the World With Style

06 June 2016
A few years ago a new verb came on the scene. To upcycle: to reuse a discarded object in such a way that it is of greater value than it was before. Upcyclers are people of vision. Where mere mortal...
toy car collection

If Only I Kept the Box…

29 May 2016
I wonder how many people had toy cars as a kid and threw away the boxes? As 40 somethings they now palm slap their forehead, as they realise they somehow devalued their most precious of collections...

Once Upon a Time a Humble Cable Reel…

23 May 2016
I’m sure you have seen them around building sites: huge reels with wire or chain rolled around them. Circular wooden slats joined by a cylinder; they are made with second-rate wood badly scarred an...
gold bars

21st Century Gold Rush

17 May 2016
There is a TV programme on The Discovery Channel where brave, some would say crazy, men and women dive under the ice in search of gold that will make their fortune. 90% of the programme is watching...
catalogue on desk

Our Online Catalog Will Be Launching Soon!

16 May 2016
Hi, thanks for visiting, our online catalog is not finished yet. We are putting the finishing touches to it.

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