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Remain or Leave?

Surely something that is actually older than the EU can withstand the vote?  Antiques, to be called antique, have to be over 100 years old.  Therefore, by existing they have already survived the test of time.  It is unlikely they will suddenly lose value just because we are not in a direct trade link with Europe.

Furthermore, with the advent of online bidding and before that phone bidding, a lot of auctions are international.  People do not feel the need for free travel to the UK to trade in antiques, when they can do this much cheaper using wifi or a phone line.

Yet, there is the case that Brits will suddenly find a barrier to their travel through Europe.  A quick trip over to France to have a look round some antiques fayres may suddenly need pre-planning – you may need a visa.  Vice versa for the Europeans who commute over to our sales that pitch up in old stately homes and village halls.  Any niggling bureaucracy is going to hinder trade on some level.

There is also the worry over the strength of the pound, should the country vote to leave.  There is bound to be a weakening of the currency due to uncertainty and this will in turn devalue stock sold on the international market.  However, some would argue that the weaker currency would encourage buyers to look closely at the UK auctions – more business, more profit.

Seriously though, the antiques trade has been a robust industry for hundreds and hundreds of years.  It is a trade that has often been buffeted by political change.  To suggest being in the EU or not is going to have that much impact would be misleading.  Let’s face it… this blog is bandwagon riding… who wants to be left out of the debate, who doesn’t want to feel that their opinion has been heard and why shouldn’t the antiques trade put in its two-penneth (or shillingth… for metaphor accuracy…) indeed it would have been remiss to stay quiet when nobody else is!

Vote remain or leave, it doesn’t really matter to the world trade market.  They have survived much worse before.

(Cullens of Surrey are remaining neutral on the EU vote)


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