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Pele Scores in Collectables Sale

02 July 2016
football being played close up

Collectables tend to call on the romance in our souls. There is little money to be made in almost all areas of collecting. There has to be something rare, something enviable, covetous, to bring people out and clamber to own and offer money without thought.

Pele is one of those football players who can pull off one name. Even those who call it soccer know of his legend. He ruled over Brazilian football and was the idol of many who aspired to his trickery and smooth skills. When Pele offered up his history in the sport to auction, there was going to be competition to own whatever he offered.

Pele had donated much of his history to the city of Santos. However, he decided to auction certain items for his fans. The most notable item is a reproduction of the Jules Rimet Trophy – more commonly known as the World Cup. Pele is the only player in history to have won the World Cup three times and in tribute, FIFA presented the famous footballer with his own copy to cherish. In terms of collectables, ones of a kind such as this are always going to attract big money. It is the very definition of rare. And, maybe it is unfair that it should cost so much – it is unlikely that a true devotee to Pele will have the money it takes to buy such a collectable.

Yet, maybe there are other treasures that hold more romance than a replica trophy? There are the boots that Pele wore during the filming of Escape to Victory. How awesome to own a pair of his boots, never mind ones worn in such an iconic film. Then, there is the ball he claimed after he scored his 1000th goal. Imagine touching it and hoping that some of the magic will rub off in your next Sunday morning fixture.

There are more realistic football collectables to own, of course – though they come without the golden touch of Pele. The collection of memorabilia for the nation’s game will always be popular – football cards, signed shirts, rare tickets – but unless they offer the sort of one-of-a-kind glow that Pele offers – you will be earning tens of pounds rather than millions. But, then, collectables have more to do with the heart than the pocket anyway.

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